Romchart is a company specialized in chartering, and performs Conventional cargoes and special projects.

For conventional cargoes: Bulk, big bags, pallets or steel products… we carefully analyse the needs of each client advising on the most appropriate way of carrying out their products.

We have a large portfolio of owners that allow us to know the most competitive ships today, optimizing time and costs.


We have a wide experience in the transport of bulk cargoes, as for example:

  • Minerals
  • Cement and clinker.
  • Sands and gravels: kaolin, clay, etc.
  • Coal.
  • Fertilizers.
  • Grain and seeds.

With extensive experience all over the world and specific traffic in the full Mediterranean Ports including North – West Africa.

We meet national and international standards in Health & Safety, and took a thorough control in the processes of loading and unloading and handling of products.


We offer shipping in Big Bags, which presents an economic and reliable solution for the transport of certain bulk products.

The Big Bag is handled easily and is manufactured in different sizes and capacities, the most common is the one of 1 ton.


In Romchart we provide maritime solutions also for palletized products.